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KIT @ Energy Storage Europe 2018

The objective of the project “FastStorageBW II” was the development of a high-performance hybrid energy storage system combining the capacitor’s high-current capability with the energy density of batteries in a new cell technology, the so called “Powercaps”. Within this project, KIT was responsible for the development and production of storage systems based on Powercaps. At the KIT booth, these energy storage modules as well as results from prototype tests has been shown.


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Presentations within the trade fair and IRES conference

"Intelligent control of household Li-ion battery storage systems", Bernhard Schwarz, KIT

IRES Conference, 14.03.2018, 09.00 a.m., hall 8B


"Passive Hybrid Storage Systems: Influence of Circuit and System Design on Performance and Lifetime", Thorsten Grün, KIT

IRES Poster Seccion, 14.03.2018: 14.00-16.00 p.m., 15.03.2018: 11.00-12.00 a.m., hall 8B


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