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Solar power storage park


Which technologies will contribute to the success of the German energy turnaround? How do we protect our innovative lead in international competition? One possible answer can be provided by Germany’s largest solar power storage park. Solar cells, batteries and inverters are operated together with the purpose of storing solar electricity and making it available anytime. Controlled by novel forecasting and regulation processes, the batteries store the electricity from the sun, in this way eliminating noon-time peak generation. The electricity stored can then be delivered on demand, for instance, in the evenings, at night or in the morning. Achieving a complete balance of electricity generation and demand would be an important building block for the energy turnaround.


The research facility contains a setup of more than 100 different systems configurations differing, for instance, in their east-west orientation, inclination or technical components. Performance data are logged and analyzed continuously. Scientific evaluation will show which system configurations are compatible with the power grid and cost-effective. It will be analyzed which advantages the KIT orientation has compared to a common orientation in Germany (inclination: 30°, orientation: south).


The new solar power storage plant also produces economic benefits in addition to gains in scientific knowledge: The electricity generated in scientific operation is used on KIT Campus North to run large scientific installations.


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Contact: Nina Munzke