BiFlow - Development of a Vanadium-redox-flow-battery hybrid system as a storage system for the integration into heat and electricity supply

Objectives and Results

Development and construction of a vanadium-redox-flow-battery hybrid system and their integration into a complex energy storage system for student dormitory in Bruchsal as a demonstrator for the energy revolution.

Contents and Approach

An energy storage system for the storage of the local produced renewable energy of a student dormitory in Bruchsal needs to be designed and installed. Therefore, a vanadium-redox-flow-battery (VRFB) is combined with a lithium-ion battery. This combination helps to avoid inefficient turndowns of the VRFB. The electrolyte tanks of the VRFB are furthermore used to recuperate heat coming from energy losses. Thus, the energy efficiency of the total system increases. Thanks to an adapted formulation of the VRFB-electrolyte, the VFRB could act as an additional heat storage for the dormitory. To ensure this, a thermal coupling module will be developed. This very complex energy storage system needs an innovative control engineering, which will be developed within this project as well. After construction and testing, the energy system will run under normal operation for at least one year and will create extensive date for the analysis of this innovative energy system.

Project Volume

1,4 mio. €

Further Information

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