Successful commissioning of the BiFlow hybrid energy storage system

24. October 2023 | Bruchsal

Begrüßung durch Prof. HillerOn October 24, 2023, KIT and its project partners successfully put the innovative hybrid energy storage system into operation. Both the general public and the media were invited to this event. Prof. Hirth - Vice President for Innovation and International Affairs, Prof. Hiller - Head of the ETI Institute at KIT, Ms. Munzke - BiFlow project manager, Ms. Lemmes - BMWK, Mr. Glaser - Mayor of Bruchsal and Mr. Holoch - Owner's Association representative performed the launch of the hybrid energy storage system.

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 KIT and project partners are researching a innovative hybrid storage concept in the BMWK-funded "BiFlow" project. This involves combining a Vanadium Flow Battery with a Lithium-Ion Battery and testing an innovative heat recovery system (thermal coupling module). The new, patent-pending thermal coupling module increases the overall efficiency of the flow battery by using the waste heat generated during battery operation for the building's hot water system. It also allows excess solar energy to be stored thermally in the tanks of the flow battery. Project "BiFlow" is being implemented in a student residence, the "Stage76" in Bruchsal. The electricity comes primarily from solar energy from the 220 kWp solar system on the roof and walls of the building. KIT is also developing an intelligent, forecast-based Energy Management System in order to achieve maximum economic efficiency.

Interview BadenTV Fr. Munzke

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