Battery Technology Center

Within the 'Battery Technology Center', the competencies of KIT along the value chain are pooled and an open technology platform for future electric energy storage systems is being set-up. The focus here is on the development and production of new materials and cells as well as the development of batteries and the integration to an overall system. Simultaneously, new manufacturing processes for the cost-efficient production of those batteries are being developed and demonstrated.

Walter Frasch

The technological competence of the Battery Technology Center covers overall integrations, economic considerations and applicable technological solutions. The scientific output can be provided in the form of cell testing and evaluations, coating and production processes of Li-ion cells and home storage tests. All technological systems and operating concepts at the Battery Technology Center are state of the art. In particular, application-specific product developments and designs can be developed in cooperation. This also includes the production line from coating to calendaring to stacking, filling and sealing of Li-ion cells. In addition, long-term cell tests are carried out in the test laboratory in order to investigate the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and safety of the cells.

Many years of experience in the construction and development of home storage prototypes are also part of the well-founded expertise of the Battery Technology Center. So far, various systems (e.g. outdoor home storage, large Li-ion storage, redox flow storage) have been developed and build up, ranging from very small series to individual prototypes. In addition, the in-house developed hardware-in-the-loop test environments are used to investigate the functional safety, performance and contribution to grid stability of the storage systems.