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Generation, storage and use of electric energy on a sustainable and cost-efficient basis for stationary and mobile applications are among the biggest global challenges for the next decades. The research and development of innovative electrical energy storage systems is carried out in different institutes at KIT covering the entire value chain in a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach. The objective is to develop industrially applicable, cost-efficient solutions for energy storage of the next generations.

Within the Battery Technology Center, the competencies of KIT along the value chain are pooled and an open technology platform for future electric energy storage systems is being set-up. The focus here is on the development and production of new materials and cells as well as the development of batteries and the integration to an overall system. Simultaneously, new manufacturing processes for the cost-efficient production of those batteries are being developed and demonstrated.

Kohle KIT

Material Foundry

Reinraumarbeit KIT

Production Science

Batteriezelle vor schwarzem Hintergrund KIT

Cell Development / Testing

Batteriespeicher vor blauem Himmel KIT

Energy Storage Systems



Startknopf BiFlow
Successful commissioning of the BiFlow hybrid energy storage system

On October 24, 2023, the KIT successfully put the hybrid storage system into operation as part of the BiFlow project.

Stromspeichervergleich HTW-BerlinHTW-Berlin
Power Storage Inspection 2023: Lithium batteries still have a clear advantage over their alternatives

In the latest edition of its electricity storage test, HTW Berlin evaluates 18 lithium-ion battery systems from 11 manufacturers. For the first time, the 2023 Power Storage Inspection together with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) also analyzed so-called saltwater and high-temperature batteries.

nitpicker / Shutterstocknitpicker / Shutterstock
Setting new standards: Technology transfer through norms

In battery development, research and development are in a constant neck-and-neck race. The development of ever newer, more powerful cell systems is accompanied by reliable safety testing of lithium-ion cells. KIT researchers are working with other partners from industry and research in the ProLIB project to develop a more realistic testing method that should become established as a new standard in the future. 

Energiespeicher für die ProduktionFraunhofer IWU
Projekt start »Energy storage in production« (ESiP)

To ensure that no kilowatt hour remains unused: Fraunhofer IWU and partners pave the way for energy storage systems into the factory