Journal Articles

Closing gaps in LCA of lithium-ion batteries: LCA of lab-scale cell production with new primary data
Erakca, M.; Pinto Bautista, S.; Moghaddas, S.; Baumann, M.; Bauer, W.; Leuthner, L.; Weil, M.
2023. Journal of Cleaner Production, 384, Art.-Nr.: 135510. doi:10.1016/j.jclepro.2022.135510
Data-driven capacity estimation of commercial lithium-ion batteries from voltage relaxation
Zhu, J.; Wang, Y.; Huang, Y.; Bhushan Gopaluni, R.; Cao, Y.; Heere, M.; Mühlbauer, M. J.; Mereacre, L.; Dai, H.; Liu, X.; Senyshyn, A.; Wei, X.; Knapp, M.; Ehrenberg, H.
2022. Nature Communications, 13 (1), Art.Nr. 2261. doi:10.1038/s41467-022-29837-w
Surface Structure Evolution and its Impact on the Electrochemical Performances of Aqueous‐Processed High‐Voltage Spinel LiNi 0.5 Mn 1.5 O 4 Cathodes in Lithium‐Ion Batteries
He, J.; Melinte, G.; Darma, M. S. D.; Hua, W.; Das, C.; Schökel, A.; Etter, M.; Hansen, A.-L.; Mereacre, L.; Geckle, U.; Bergfeldt, T.; Sun, Z.; Knapp, M.; Ehrenberg, H.; Maibach, J.
2022. Advanced Functional Materials, 32 (46), 2207937. doi:10.1002/adfm.202207937
Glyoxylic acetals as electrolytes for Si/Graphite anodes in lithium-ion batteries
Gehrlein, L.; Leibing, C.; Pfeifer, K.; Jeschull, F.; Balducci, A.; Maibach, J.
2022. Electrochimica Acta, 424, Art.-Nr.: 140642. doi:10.1016/j.electacta.2022.140642
Alternating Current Impedance Probing Capacity of Lithium‐Ion Battery by Gaussian Process Regression
Zhu, J.; Zhang, Q.; Mereacre, L.; Wang, X.; Jiang, B.; Dai, H.; Wei, X.; Knapp, M.; Ehrenberg, H.
2022. Energy Technology, 10 (8), Art.Nr. 2200437. doi:10.1002/ente.202200437
Metallic and complex hydride-based electrochemical storage of energy
Cuevas, F.; Amdisen, M. B.; Baricco, M.; Buckley, C. E.; Cho, Y. W.; de Jongh, P.; de Kort, L. M.; Grinderslev, J. B.; Gulino, V.; Hauback, B. C.; Heere, M.; Humphries, T.; Jensen, T. R.; Kim, S.; Kisu, K.; Lee, Y.-S.; Li, H.-W.; Mohtadi, R.; Møller, K. T.; Ngene, P.; Noréus, D.; Orimo, S.- ichi; Paskevicius, M.; Polanski, M.; Sartori, S.; Skov, L. N.; Sørby, M. H.; Wood, B. C.; Yartys, V. A.; Zhu, M.; Latroche, M.
2022. Progress in Energy, 4 (3), Art.-Nr.: 032001. doi:10.1088/2516-1083/ac665b
Feasibility and Limitations of High-Voltage Lithium-Iron-Manganese Spinels
Windmüller, A.; Renzi, T.; Kungl, H.; Taranenko, S.; Suard, E.; Fauth, F.; Duttine, M.; Tsai, C.-L.; Sun, R.; Durmus, Y. E.; Tempel, H.; Jakes, P.; Masquelier, C.; Eichel, R.-A.; Croguennec, L.; Ehrenberg, H.
2022. Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 169 (7), Art.-Nr.: 070518. doi:10.1149/1945-7111/ac7ef8
Multiscale investigation of discharge rate dependence of capacity fade for lithium-ion battery
Zhu, J.; Su, P.; Dewi Darma, M. S.; Hua, W.; Mereacre, L.; Liu-Théato, X.; Heere, M.; Sørensen, D. R.; Dai, H.; Wei, X.; Knapp, M.; Ehrenberg, H.
2022. Journal of Power Sources, 536, Art.Nr. 231516. doi:10.1016/j.jpowsour.2022.231516
Hardware-in-the-Loop Setup for a Modular Multilevel Converter with Integrated Batteries
Leister, L.; Kalk, A.; Schmitz-Rode, B.; Stefanski, L.; Brackle, D.; Hiller, M.
2022. 2022 IEEE 23rd Workshop on Control and Modeling for Power Electronics (COMPEL), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). doi:10.1109/COMPEL53829.2022.9830034
Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Rig for Rapid Prototyping of Battery Management System Algorithms
Kalk, A.; Salikoglu, Y.; Leister, L.; Braeckle, D.; Hiller, M.
2022. 2022 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference & Expo (ITEC), 473–478, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). doi:10.1109/ITEC53557.2022.9813816
Economic impact of PV forecast inaccuracies on a corporate parking charging infrastructure
Starosta, A. S.; Jhaveri, P.; Munzke, N.; Hiller, M.
2022. Proceedings of the 35th International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition
Wirtschaftlicher Einfluss von PV-Prognose- Ungenauigkeiten auf eine Ladeinfrastruktur für Unternehmensparkplätze
Starosta, A.; Jhaveri, P.; Munzke, N.; Hiller, M.
2022. 37. PV-Symposium / BIPV-Forum : 21.-23. Juni 2022, Messe Freiburg & online : Tagungsunterlagen, 97–114, Conexio PSE
Effizienzleitfaden für PV-Speichersysteme: Wiederholbarkeit und Einfluss von Mess- und Auswerteparametern
Kulkarni, S. S.; Büchle, F.; Munzke, N.; Heckmann, W.; Giesen, N.; Messner, C.
2022. 37. PV-Symposium / BIPV-Forum, 662–687
A modular signal processing platform for grid and motor control, HIL and PHIL applications
Schmitz-Rode, B.; Stefanski, L.; Schwendemann, R.; Decker, S.; Mersche, S.; Kiehnle, P.; Himmelmann, P.; Liske, A.; Hiller, M.
2022. 2022 International Power Electronics Conference (IPEC-Himeji 2022- ECCE Asia), 1817–1824, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). doi:10.23919/IPEC-Himeji2022-ECCE53331.2022.9807061
Methods—Spatially Resolved Diffraction Study of the Uniformity of a Li-Ion Pouch Cell
Sørensen, D. R.; Heere, M.; Smith, A.; Schwab, C.; Sigel, F.; Jørgensen, M. R. V.; Baran, V.; Schökel, A.; Knapp, M.; Ehrenberg, H.; Senyshyn, A.
2022. Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 169 (3), Artkl.Nr.: 030518. doi:10.1149/1945-7111/ac59f9
New Perspectives of Functional Metal Borohydrides
Grinderslev, J. B.; Amdisen, M. B.; Skov, L. N.; Møller, K. T.; Kristensen, L. G.; Polanski, M.; Heere, M.; Jensen, T. R.
2022. Journal of alloys and compounds, 896, Art.-Nr.: 163014. doi:10.1016/j.jallcom.2021.163014
A Comparative Analysis of Forecasting Methods for Photovoltaic Power and Energy Generation with and without Exogenous Inputs
Starosta, A.; Kaushik, K.; Jhaveri, P.; Munzke, N.; Hiller, M.
2021. 38th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition : proceedings of the International Conference : 06 September - 10 September 2021. Ed.: J.M. Almeida Serra, 938–945, WIP-Renewable Energies (WIP). doi:10.4229/EUPVSEC20212021-5BO.7.1
Integrating Voltage-Source Active Filters into Grid-Connected Power Converters Modeling, Control and Experimental Verification
Bernet, D.; Stefanski, L.; Hiller, M.
2021. IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 36 (11), 12218–12233. doi:10.1109/TPEL.2021.3075068
Investigating the critical characteristics of thermal runaway process for LiFePO4/graphite batteries by a ceased segmented method
Tang, X.; Zhang, G.; Wang, X.; Wei, G.; Han, G.; Zhu, J.; Wei, X.; Dai, H.
2021. iScience, 24 (10), Art.-Nr.: 103088. doi:10.1016/j.isci.2021.103088
Lithium distribution and transfer in high-power 18650-type Li-ion cells at multiple length scales
Petz, D.; Mühlbauer, M. J.; Baran, V.; Schökel, A.; Kochetov, V.; Hofmann, M.; Dyadkin, V.; Staron, P.; Vaughan, G.; Lienert, U.; Müller-Buschbaum, P.; Senyshyn, A.
2021. Energy storage materials, 41, 546–553. doi:10.1016/j.ensm.2021.06.028
Medium Voltage Power Electronic Building Block for Quasi-two-level Operation of a Flying Capacitor Converter
Mersche, S.; Schreier, R.; Himmelmann, P.; Hiller, M.
2021. EPE’21 ECCE Europe - Assigned jointly to the European Power Electronics and Drives Association & the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), IEEEXplore
Managing Life Span of High-Energy LiNiCoAl₀.₀₁O₂|C-Si Li-Ion Batteries
Darma, M. S. D.; Zhu, J.; Yan, P.; Zheng, C.; Mühlbauer, M. J.; Sørensen, D. R.; Indris, S.; Bergfeldt, T.; Das, C.; Heere, M.; Mereacre, L.; Geckle, U.; Senyshyn, A.; Ehrenberg, H.; Knapp, M.
2021. ACS applied energy materials, 4 (9), 9982–10002. doi:10.1021/acsaem.1c01946
Structural and dynamic studies of Pr(BH)
Gigante, A.; Payandeh, S.; Grinderslev, J. B.; Heere, M.; Embs, J. P.; Jensen, T. R.; Burankova, T.; Remhof, A.; Hagemann, H.
2021. International journal of hydrogen energy, 46 (63), 32126–32134. doi:10.1016/j.ijhydene.2021.06.232
A Highly Integrated 25-Level Cascaded H-Bridge Active Filter for the Mitigation of High Order Current Harmonics
Bernet, D.; Schwendemann, R.; Stefanski, L.; Hiller, M.
2021. PCIM Europe digital days 2021; International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management, 972–979, VDE Verlag
Internal short circuit mechanisms, experimental approaches and detection methods of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles: A review
Zhang, G.; Wei, X.; Tang, X.; Zhu, J.; Chen, S.; Dai, H.
2021. Renewable & sustainable energy reviews, 141, Art.Nr. 110790. doi:10.1016/j.rser.2021.110790
Lithium plating on the anode for lithium-ion batteries during long-term low temperature cycling
Zhang, G.; Wei, X.; Han, G.; Dai, H.; Zhu, J.; Wang, X.; Tang, X.; Ye, J.
2021. Journal of power sources, 484, Art.-Nr.: 229312. doi:10.1016/j.jpowsour.2020.229312
Heterogeneity of Graphite Lithiation in State‐of‐the‐Art Cylinder‐Type Li‐Ion Cells
Petz, D.; Mühlbauer, M. J.; Schökel, A.; Achterhold, K.; Pfeiffer, F.; Pirling, T.; Hofmann, M.; Senyshyn, A.
2021. Batteries & supercaps, 4 (2), 327–335. doi:10.1002/batt.202000178
Influence of a workplace electric vehicle charging station’s design and control on grid impact
Starosta, A.; Munzke, N.; Hiller, M.
2021. 5th E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium (EMOB 2021), 221–228, Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). doi:10.1049/icp.2021.2528
Copper sintered SiN power modules in thermal shock tests
Blank, T.; Zhang, H.; Wurst, H.; Leyrer, B.; Steiner, F.; Ishikawa, D.; Geckele, U.; Peric, I.
2021. 2021 International Conference on Electronics Packaging (ICEP) : 20th International Conference on Electronics Packaging, ICEP 2021, Tokyo, 12 May 2021 - 14 May 2021, 95–96, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). doi:10.23919/ICEP51988.2021.9451860
Multi-analyser detector (MAD) for high-resolution and high-energy powder X-ray diffraction
Schökel, A.; Etter, M.; Berghäuser, A.; Horst, A.; Lindackers, D.; Whittle, T. A.; Schmid, S.; Acosta, M.; Knapp, M.; Ehrenberg, H.; Hinterstein, M.
2021. Journal of synchrotron radiation, 28 Part 1, 146–157. doi:10.1107/S1600577520013223
Investigation of capacity fade for 18650-type lithium-ion batteries cycled in different state of charge (SoC) ranges
Zhu, J.; Knapp, M.; Sørensen, D. R.; Heere, M.; Darma, M. S. D.; Müller, M.; Mereacre, L.; Dai, H.; Senyshyn, A.; Wei, X.; Ehrenberg, H.
2021. Journal of power sources, 489, Art.-Nr.: 229422. doi:10.1016/j.jpowsour.2020.229422
Evaluation of the efficiency and resulting electrical and economic losses of photovoltaic home storage systems
Munzke, N.; Schwarz, B.; Büchle, F.; Hiller, M.
2021. Journal of energy storage, 33, Art. Nr.: 101724. doi:10.1016/j.est.2020.101724
Grün, T.; Mast, M.; Schwarz, B.
2020. Nachrichten aus der Chemie, 68 (10), 37–39. doi:10.1002/nadc.20204096387
Batteriezellenfertigung vom Coil zum Stack: Integriert, automatisiert und dadurch hoch flexibel
Weinmann, H. W.; Eichelkraut, M.; Woke da Silva, L.; Fleischer, J.
2020. C2 Coating & Converting, (4), 21–24
Coil2Stack: Ein innovatives Verfahren zur formatflexiblen Batteriezellherstellung
Weinmann, H. W.; Töpper, H.-C.; Fleischer, J.
2020. Zeitschrift für wirtschaftlichen Fabrikbetrieb, 115 (4), 241–243. doi:10.3139/104.112192
Hybrid Off-grid and Decentralized Renewable Electricity Systems Techno-Economic Model (HOTEM). A Building block of a comprehensive techno-economic approach based on contrastive case studies in Sub-Sahran Africa and Canada
Elkadragy, M.; Iqbal, M.; Awad, M. L.; Baumann, M.; Opal, A.; Hiller, M.; Nathwani, J.; Knebel, J.
2020. 10th Solar & Storage Integration Workshop, Energynautics GmbH
Synergien zwischen Batterie- und Brennstoffzelle
Schäfer, J.; Weinmann, H. W.; Mayer, D.; Storz, T.; Hofmann, J.; Fleischer, J.
2020. wt Werkstattstechnik online
Validation of Controller Approached Hysteresis Modelling with NiMH based Energy Storage Systems for use in xEV
Koch, S.; Grün, T.; Doppelbauer, M.
2020. 33rd World Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition (EVS33), June 14 – 17 in Portland, Oregon, Zenodo. doi:10.5281/zenodo.4024465
Efficient Operation of Modular Grid-Connected Battery Inverters for RES Integration
Ried, S.; Schmiegel, A. U.; Munzke, N.
2020. Advances in Energy System Optimization : Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Energy System Optimization. Ed.: V. Bertsch, 165–178, Birkhäuser Verlag. doi:10.1007/978-3-030-32157-4_10
Structural insights into the formation and voltage degradation of lithium- and manganese-rich layered oxides
Hua, W.; Wang, S.; Knapp, M.; Leake, S. J.; Senyshyn, A.; Richter, C.; Yavuz, M.; Binder, J. R.; Grey, C. P.; Ehrenberg, H.; Indris, S.; Schwarz, B.
2019. Nature Communications, 10 (1), Article No.5365. doi:10.1038/s41467-019-13240-z
High-Pressure Sintering of Rhombohedral Cr2S3 Using Titanium–Zirconium–Molybdenum Tools
Groeneveld, D.; Groß, H.; Hansen, A.-L.; Dankwort, T.; Hansen, J.; Wöllenstein, J.; Bensch, W.; Kienle, L.; König, J.
2019. Advanced engineering materials, 21 (11), Art.Nr. 1900430. doi:10.1002/adem.201900430
Effects of pH control by acid addition at the aqueous processing of cathodes for lithium ion batteries
Bauer, W.; Çetinel, F. A.; Müller, M.; Kaufmann, U.
2019. Electrochimica acta, 317, 112–119. doi:10.1016/j.electacta.2019.05.141
Comparative Concept Study of Passive Hybrid Energy Storage Systems in 48 V Mild Hybrid Vehicles
Grün, T.; Doppelbauer, M.
2019. World electric vehicle journal, 10 (4), Article No.71. doi:10.3390/wevj10040071
Immobilization of Polyiodide Redox Species in Porous Carbon for Battery-Like Electrodes in Eco-Friendly Hybrid Electrochemical Capacitors
Abbas, Q.; Fitzek, H.; Schröttner, H.; Dsoke, S.; Gollas, B.
2019. Nanomaterials, 9 (10), Article No.1413. doi:10.3390/nano9101413
Stabilizing capacity retention in NMC811/Graphite full cells via TMSPi electrolyte additives
Vidal Laveda, J.; Low, J. E.; Pagani, F.; Stilp, E.; Dilger, S.; Baran, V.; Heere, M.; Battaglia, C.
2019. ACS applied energy materials, 2 (10), 7036–7044. doi:10.1021/acsaem.9b00727
Lithium-ion battery temperature on-line estimation based on fast impedance calculation
Wang, X.; Wei, X.; Chen, Q.; Zhu, J.; Dai, H.
2019. Journal of energy storage, 26, Art. Nr.: 100952. doi:10.1016/j.est.2019.100952
Assessment of a scheduling strategy for dispatching prosumption of an industrial campus
Remo Appino, R.; Ángel González Ordiano, J.; Munze, N.; Mikut, R.; Faulwasser, T.; Hagenmeyer, V.
2019. Internationaler ETG-Kongress 2019 : das Gesamtsystem im Fokus der Energiewende, 8. – 9. Mai 2019, Neckar Forum, Esslingen am Neckar. Hrsg.: C. Rehtanz, 289–294, VDE Verlag
A state of health estimation method for lithium-ion batteries based on voltage relaxation model
Fang, Q.; Wei, X.; Lu, T.; Dai, H.; Zhu, J.
2019. Energies, 12 (7), Art.-Nr.: 1349. doi:10.3390/en12071349
In operando studies of rotating prismatic Li-ion batteries using monochromatic wide-angle neutron diffraction
Baran, V.; Mühlbauer, M. J.; Schulz, M.; Pfanzelt, J.; Senyshyn, A.
2019. Journal of energy storage, 24, Art.-Nr.: 100772. doi:10.1016/j.est.2019.100772
Structural and magnetic properties of Ce 1−x Sm x Fe 11−y Ti 1 V y
Simon, D.; Wuest, H.; Hinderberger, S.; Koehler, T.; Marusczyk, A.; Sawatzki, S.; Diop, L. V. B.; Skokov, K.; Maccari, F.; Senyshyn, A.; Ehrenberg, H.; Gutfleisch, O.
2019. Acta materialia, 172, 131–138. doi:10.1016/j.actamat.2019.04.006
An improved electro-thermal battery model complemented by current dependent parameters for vehicular low temperature application
Zhu, J.; Knapp, M.; Darma, M. S. D.; Fang, Q.; Wang, X.; Dai, H.; Wei, X.; Ehrenberg, H.
2019. Applied energy, 248, 149–161. doi:10.1016/j.apenergy.2019.04.066
Laminated Lithium Ion Batteries with improved fast charging capability
Frankenberger, M.; Singh, M.; Dinter, A.; Jankowksy, S.; Schmidt, A.; Pettinger, K.-H.
2019. Journal of electroanalytical chemistry, 837, 151–158. doi:10.1016/j.jelechem.2019.02.030
Passive Hybrid Storage Systems: Influence of circuit and system design on performance and lifetime
Grün, T.; Smith, A.; Ehrenberg, H.; Doppelbauer, M.
2018. Energy procedia, 155, 336–349. doi:10.1016/j.egypro.2018.11.044
Intelligent control of household Li-ion battery storage systems
Munzke, N.; Schwarz, B.; Hiller, M.
2018. Energy procedia, 155, 17–31. doi:10.1016/j.egypro.2018.11.069
Monitoring microbial soiling in photovoltaic systems: A qPCR-based approach
Martin-Sanchez, P. M.; Gebhardt, C.; Toepel, J.; Barry, J.; Munzke, N.; Günster, J.; Gorbushina, A. A.
2018. International biodeterioration & biodegradation, 129, 13–22. doi:10.1016/j.ibiod.2017.12.008
Bahnzugkraftregelung in der Batteriezellfertigung, Web tension control in battery cell production
Weinmann, H. W.; Lang, F.; Hofmann, J.; Fleischer, J.
2018. wt Werkstattstechnik online, 108 (7/8), 519–524
Peak Shaving of a Grid connected-Photovoltaic Battery System at Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU)
Boyouk, N.; Munzke, N.; Hiller M.
2018. 2018 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference Europe (ISGT-Europe), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). doi:10.1109/ISGTEurope.2018.8571616
Off-Grid Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems, A techno-economic analysis of the concept
Elkadragy, M. M.
2018. Windtech international, 14, 22–25
Performance of In-House Li-Ion Battery Storage System Based on Various Strategies
Verma, B.; Munzke, N.; Hiller, M.
2018. Proceedings of the 35th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, Bruxelles, B, September 24-27, 2018, 1739–1743. doi:10.4229/35thEUPVSEC20182018-6EO.2.2
Passive Hybrid Storage Systems: Investigation of Lithium Ion Battery and Lithium Ion Capacitor Connections
Grün, T.; Smith, A.
2018. Proceedings of the 28th International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference (ISOPE-2018), Sapporo, J, June 10–15. 2018, 36–43, ISOPE
Contrastive techno-economic analysis concept for off-grid hybrid renewable electricity systems based on comparative case studies within Canada and Uganda
Elkadragy, M. M.; Baumann, M.; Moore, N.; Weil, M.; Lemmertz, N.; Hiller, M.
2018. 3rd International Hybrid Power Systems Workshop, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, E, May 8-9, 2018, Energynautics
Evaluation of the effect of the PV plant size on the efficiency of household Li-Ion battery storage systems
Munzke, N.; Schwarz, B.; Büchle, F.
2017. Proceedings of the 33rd European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition. Amsterdam, NL, September 25-29, 2017, 2047–2051
Online and Offline PV Power Forecasts for Optimal Control of Storage Systems
Barry, J.; Thomas, J.
2017. Proceedings of the 33rd European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition. Amsterdam, NL, September 25-29, 2017, 2729–2732
Impacts on load distribution and ageing in Lithium-ion home storage systems
Grün, T.; Stella, K. A.; Wollersheim, O.
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Li-Ionen Heimspeichersysteme: Performance auf dem Prüfstand
Munzke, N.; Schwarz, B.; Büchle, F.; Barry, J.
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About the ageing within Lithium-ion battery systems
Grün. T.; Stella, K.
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Performance Evaluation of Household Li-ion Battery Storage Systems
Munzke, N.; Schwarz, B.; Barry, J.
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Charging strategies for economic operations of electric vehicles in commercial applications
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Sensorik zur Detektion einer Beschichtungskante in der Lithium-Ionen-Zellfertigung
Baumeister, M.; Fleischer, J.; Grether, G.
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Sensorik zur Detektion einer Beschichtungskante in der Lithium-Ionen-Zellfertigung
Baumeister, M.; Fleischer, J.; Grether, G.
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Laser processes and analytics for high power 3D battery materials
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