Energy Storage Systems in Application

Institute of Electrical Engineering (ETI) - Energy Storage Systems

The division of Energy Storage Systems carries out research and development work from battery development to overall system integration.

Battery Systems Development:

  • Battery modeling for battery development and design taking into account thermal loading, bonding technology, and aging
  • Construction of prototypes for verification and validation purposes
  • Optimized BMS algorithms
  • Innovative and application-oriented power electronics down to the cell level
  • Safety and performance assessment

Overall System Integration:

  • System design and dimensioning
  • Storage system integration for stationary and mobile applications and sector coupling
  • Smart, prognosis-based control for PV integration and load peak shaving taking into consideration battery aging
  • Power electronics for the integration of storage systems in the grid

Test Infrastructure:

  • Latest hardware-in-the-loop test benches
  • Storage systems of 5 – 1500 kWh and more than 100 PV test facilities to verify hardware and software
  • Plant cluster of a future energy system as validation platform within Energy Lab 2.0


Further Information on the Individual Research Areas: