Sector Coupling - PV Storage System with Heat Pump System

PV Storage System with Heat Pump System

The generation of electricity by means of PV systems has been common practice for several years. The storage of excess energy in battery storage systems has also become more and more common in recent years and is also part of further research. Heat pumps are suitable for covering not only the electrical energy demand but also the thermal energy demand of a building. These can be operated regeneratively by solar power and thus offer an alternative to fossil fuels such as oil or gas. The sector coupling between heat pump and PV battery storage system is part of a research project at the Battery Technology Center (BATEC).

Within the scope of the project, a heat pump will be installed in the new building of the BATEC, which will cover the heating needs of the building in winter and the cooling needs in summer. In addition, a heat storage tank and a battery storage system will be installed so that either thermal or electrical energy can be temporarily stored during periods of PV surplus. The operating strategy of the system is to enable operation that is as economical as possible with high internal consumption. This is achieved by optimising the efficiency and minimising the ageing of the individual components.

Contact: M.Sc. Sebastian Ehrismann