Production Systems

Institute of Production Science (wbk) - Machines, Equipment and Process Automation
Calender Roll for Coating Anode and Cathode Material

Most of the cost of lithium-ion cells and batteries is attributable to
their production. The objective is the development and
prototypical representation of economical production processes.

Process Development and Optimization:

  • Development of novel stacking processes
  • Optimization of the calendaring process
  • Development of format-flexible production processes
  • Development of a system for the disassembly of battery modules
  • Development of handling solutions for the manufacture of battery modules

Process Studies:

  • Investigation of the behavior of pouch cell foils in deep drawing
  • Calendaring tests
  • Studies of the mechanical behavior of electrodes.

Development of Production Systems:

  • Development of robot-supported agile production technologies for format-flexible battery manufacture
  • Establishment of quality assurance systems

Contact: Dominik Mayer