SmartBatteryMaker - Innovative Plant Concept for the Flexible Production of Lithium-Ion Pouch Cells

Objectives and Results

The aim of the SmartBatteryMaker research project is to take a step towards the agile, scalable, flexible and automated production of Li-ion cells. A prototype of a format flexible coating and drying module will be built. For cell assembly, a fully automated robotic cell will be designed, constructed and put into operation. The focus is on material and format flexibility.
The individual functions of the robotic cell are to be implemented as easily exchangeable modules, so that the robotic cell is versatile in terms of new battery technologies. Furthermore, an expensive drying room is to be dispensed with and local microenvironments are to be considered instead.

Contents and Approach

The SmartBattery project will initially select two formats for pouch cells and two material systems to be processed in this project. The requirements for the individual process steps will be determined, from which concepts for the coating prototype and for the robotic cell will be derived. In the next step, these concepts will be implemented constructively so that they can then be set up at KIT's battery pilot plant. After successful commissioning, test cells are produced, which can then be compared with commercially available cells.

Project Volume

1,4 Mio. €

Further Information