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OHRES - Off-grid Hybrid Renewable Electricity System

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    System Engineering

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    Wise,  Waterloo Institut für nachhaltige Energie, Smart Energysystems, Sunprism Solar, Ferntech GmbH, BOS AG, Affordable Energy for Humanity (AE4H)

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Objectives and Results

This study shall provide precise data on technically semi-identical systems in dissimilar scenarios, helping to achieve a more nuanced understanding of off-grid renewable energy systems in general.


Contents and Approach

The project carries out a contrastive techno-economic analysis and system design optimization of an Off-grid Hybrid Renewable Electricity System (OHRES). One of the main obstacles for accelerated expansion of off-grid energy systems is the lack of reliable data relating to system performance combined with economical system aspects due to the absence of standardization in technical and economic analyses. The objective is to understand how the technical, economic (taking into consideration the social implications on economic aspects) and environmental context in which an off-grid system is deployed affects its economic feasibility and sustainability.

The methodology used in the research is comparing OHRES deployed in two case studies with contrastive economic and environmental conditions. The selected locations are in Canada and Sub-Sahara Africa in Uganda. An OHRES will be installed in each location combined with an off-grid remote system monitoring and weather station (SMWS). Both Case-studies were selected taking into account the technical common aspects as expected peak-loads range and off-grid system size have a reflection on having semi-identical system designs through using similar technologies with many common components for both case-studies, which serve the objective of carrying a contrastive system analysis.


Further Information

Further Information can be found in the project webpage.